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Real time monitoring data from the parking lot reporting system, uploaded in real time
R&D backgroundWith the rapid growth and widespread use of motor vehicles, various types of vehicle related illegal and criminal cases are also on the rise, with multiple motor vehicle theft cases occurring every day in the city. In order to effectively ens...

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Product consultation     

Real time monitoring data from the parking lot reporting system, uploaded in real time

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R&D background

With the rapid growth and widespread use of motor vehicles, various types of vehicle related illegal and criminal cases are also on the rise, with multiple motor vehicle theft cases occurring every day in the city. In order to effectively ensure the safety of the lives and property of car owners, enhance preventive measures against illegal activities related to vehicles, and increase the crackdown on vehicle theft and robbery, it is necessary to further standardize the construction of monitoring facilities in commercial parking lots throughout the city, and strengthen the monitoring and management of traffic and public security in parking lots.

According to the Shenzhen Parking Lot Planning and Construction Regulations and the Management of Motor Vehicle Parking, as well as the Shenzhen Interim Measures for the Management of Operating Parking Lot Facilities (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), operating parking lots should be equipped with motor vehicle monitoring facilities that meet the requirements of the "Measures", collect information such as license plates, images, and entry and exit times of motor vehicles entering and exiting, and report it in real-time to the traffic management department of the public security organs.

System Introduction

The parking lot information collection and upload system of Shenzhen Sowell Technology Development Co., Ltd. is composed of an upload host and internet software, connected to a high-definition license plate recognition camera, and uploaded to the technology supervision platform through broadband. It can be transmitted using broadband or 4G network cards, no longer relying on and waiting for dedicated optical fibers.

Product advantages

◆ Strong compatibility, compatible with all license plate recognition cameras in the existing toll collection systems on the market.

Real time monitoring, timely and remote resolution of problems, with fewer and simpler equipment, and convenient maintenance.

The system is stable and safe, and can be integrated with other parking lot system software without worrying about system compatibility issues.

The cloud platform provides data storage and analysis, and visualized data statistics improve analysis capabilities.

◆ Easy installation, just provide the host and connect it to the switch of the parking lot toll system.

Authorized by the Science and Technology Department, the integration has been fully completed, and the data has been uploaded in real-time.

◆ Cloud platform storage: Unlimited computing resources in the cloud, cloud platforms provide a basic framework for data storage analysis, permission control, and visualization

Submission host

The research and development of the reporting host is based on the relevant requirements of the "Monitoring Facility Management", and is equipped with professional servers and software management systems for parking lot vehicle information collection and reporting, meeting the technical requirements of the "Implementation Guidelines for Commercial Parking Lot Monitoring Facilities".

● Adopting professional industrial control chassis and power supply.

Complete video image acquisition, license plate recognition, data storage, and information reporting for multiple parking lots.

● Submission software: A professional submission software developed in accordance with the management format of the Vehicle Monitoring and Management System Communication Protocol, which meets the requirements of relevant regulations.

Real time reporting of relevant information, with the ability to query information in the opposite direction and retrieve images.

System topology

Parking lot vehicle information collection and reporting service and system maintenance content

1. Provide installation, information collection, operation and maintenance services for the parking lot vehicle information collection and reporting system.

2. Responsible for the installation and debugging of equipment, and providing equipment related training.

3. The provided vehicle information collection and submission services shall comply with the acceptance standards of the administrative department.

4. During the service period, provide assistance in completing the management and acceptance of parking lot monitoring facilities by the traffic management department of the government.

5. During the service period, we will provide free upgrade services for the entire system software.

6. Provide 7 × 8-hour customer service hotline fault reporting service, assisted by engineers and technical experts to solve system related technical problems.

7. For problems that cannot be solved over the phone, technical personnel will provide on-site services.

8. Provide monthly telephone routine visits and equipment preventive maintenance services, and submit annual service reports.

9. The system equipment shall be provided with one year of free system operation and maintenance services from the date of delivery, acceptance, and use.

Required documents for the application to establish a commercial parking lot:

1. Land use right transfer contract or lease agreement, land red line map, property entrusted management contract;

2. Construction Land Planning Permit, Construction Project Planning Permit, Construction Project Construction Permit, and Construction Project Completion Acceptance Certificate;

3. Certificate of Fire Protection Qualification for Buildings;

4. Plan Design of Parking Lot Transportation Facilities;

5. Opinion on Parking Lot Acceptance;

6. Application Form for Operating Parking Lot in Shenzhen, Information Collection Form for Parking Lot Management Units, Business License and Tax Registration of Applying Units

7. The appointment letter of the person in charge of the parking lot must be signed and authorized by the legal representative of the unit, a copy of the ID card of the person in charge, a copy of the ID card of the legal representative, an authorization letter from the legal representative (who is authorized to handle it), a certificate from the legal representative, and a copy of the ID card of the person in charge

8. Registration and filing form for professional patrol personnel in the parking lot, copy of their ID card, copy of their residence permit, and one one one inch color photo wearing a uniform.

To establish a commercial public parking lot, it is necessary to register for business and tax purposes, and file with the pricing department. The traffic management department of the public security organs shall conduct on-site inspections of the parking lot, verify the entrances and exits, parking spaces, and traffic organization inside the parking lot, and issue an opinion on on-site inspections of urban parking lots. Business operators can apply for on-site inspection from the nearest traffic police brigade in their jurisdiction.



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