Who are we?

17 years of professional experience in image information collection, analysis, processing and recognition algorithm research and mastering

AI behavior recognition, machine vision industrial automation, license plate recognition system, face recognition, image processing, video analysis and other core technologies


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Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao Science and Technology Innovation and Cutting-edge Enterprises


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"General Specification for Machine Vision Defect Inspection" group standard "Chief Editor Unit"
Sowell Technology
makes production, life and office more
smarter and simpler

Sowell is a Shenzhen dual-software and national-level high-tech enterprise engaged in "intelligent technology" software development and system integration. It has focused on image information collection, analysis, processing and recognition algorithms for decades, especially license plate recognition software. After many years of experience R&D, technical indicators and performance are constantly improving, and we have in-depth research and advanced technical experience in software engineering and project implementation.
We are mainly committed to providing professional complete solutions in the fields of intelligent transportation, urban parking, ports and terminals, face recognition and machine vision industrial automation.
In conjunction with international technical cooperation channels, the company has continued to launch a series of high-quality products with core technologies and independent intellectual property rights. For example: license plate recognition system, container number recognition system, painting robot, face capture machine, face recognition attendance all-in-one machine, face recognition smart door lock, temperature measurement and health code recognition all-in-one machine and other standards. The products have won recognition from society and the market with their excellent product quality, advanced management model and accurate market positioning.

Corporate vision

Innovation and transcendence create industry unicorns with smart manufacturing solutions

Corporate purposes

"Pursue the highest customer satisfaction and ensure the strongest competitiveness of the enterprise."

core value

With "technology creates quality" as its core competitiveness, we create maximum value for customers.

  • R&D customization strength

    R&D customization strength

    R&D customization strengthR&D customization strength

    It has a strong technical research and development team, and also cooperates with the University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,

    Shenzhen Institute of Technology and other well-known domestic universities have cooperated closely to

    Transform the school’s scientific research results in a timely manner,

    Achieve school-enterprise cooperation and further deepen industry technology,

    Ensure rapid iterative upgrades of cutting-edge technology products in the industry,

    Create customized solutions for customers.

    ——Keep customers satisfied

  • Industry application experience

    Industry application experience

    Industry application experienceIndustry application experience

    From the procurement of raw materials,

    Preparation of silicone thermal grease,

    Packaging on the assembly line,

    Performance testing after finished product,

    final packaging,

    Arrange shipment,

    every product,

    Every process is completed efficiently and orderly.

    Our goal is to provide quality products to all customers.

    ——satisfy customers

  • market performance results

    market performance results

    market performance resultsmarket performance results

    We are a professional team. Our members have many years of experience in the thermal interface materials industry and are experienced in applications in industries such as computer radiators, LED lighting and small household appliances.

    We are a hardworking team. We work tirelessly and are customer-oriented, with customer satisfaction as our greatest driving force.

    We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that a safe brand comes from customer trust. Only by focusing can we provide customers with the best products.

    We are a team with a dream. We come from all over the world because of a common dream: to be a truly excellent thermal interface material company. Provide strong heat dissipation protection for customers' electronic products.

    ——our team

Corporate style


Leader's speech


It has always been our mission to empower industry customers and partners with high-quality products and services. We focus on winning trust, and trust allows us to work together to drive the future.

—— Zhu Yue, Chairman of Sowell Technology








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