Solwell Technology and Houghton Holdings Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Solwell Technology and Houghton Holdings Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On September 5, 2023, Sowell Technology and Houghton Holding Group of Italy reached a strategic cooperation agreement on the joint development and construction of ecological smart cities, the positive research and development of high-end industrial 4.0 equipment, including but not limited to spray painting robots, and the maintenance of the entire lifecycle of the intercontinental market, as well as the feasibility study of the landing of related production and research and development bases.

Solwell Technology and Houghton Holdings Group Successfully Signed a Contract

Sowell Technology Chairman Zhu Yue and Haodun Holdings Group Chairman and CEO Zhou Yue signed a contract and delivered speeches on behalf of both parties. Xu Xiang, Director of Wenzhou Municipal Office in Shenzhen, Wu Zijian, Director of Wenzhou Haijing District Office in Shenzhen, and Hong Fangwang, Director of Wenzhou Ruian Municipal Office in Shenzhen, respectively recommended key industries and investment policies for Wenzhou City, Wenzhou Haijing District, and Wenzhou Ruian City. Representatives of Wenzhou Municipal Government and Wenzhou Haijing District Government Representatives from the Rui'an Municipal Government and the Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone Government, as well as Yao Bo, President of the Enterprise Group Listing Center, Wu Yi, Vice President, Chen Gang, Vice President of China Energy Guorong Capital Group, Gao Xianjie, Vice President, Xiao Wanlong, Strategic President of Sowell Technology, and Feng Junqiu, Chief Operating Officer, participated in the event.

Xu Xiang, Director of Wenzhou Municipal Office in Shenzhen

Xu Xiang, Director of the Wenzhou Municipal Office in Shenzhen, stated that currently, Wenzhou is accelerating the construction of a regional central city, fully implementing the "Four Major Construction" tasks of Zhejiang Province, accelerating the construction of the "One Axis, One Belt, One Zone" urban development layout, accelerating the construction of a national comprehensive transportation hub city, regional consumption center city, and productive service industry base. Excellent enterprises, including joint enterprise groups, are welcome to Wenzhou for inspection, research, investment, and entrepreneurship, Sharing development opportunities, creating a better future together, and assisting Zhejiang Province in "two pioneers" in high-quality development.

Wu Zijian, Director of the Shenzhen Office of Haijing District, Wenzhou City

Wu Zijian, Director of the Shenzhen Office of Wenzhou Haijing District, stated that as the main battlefield for Wenzhou to move from the "Oujiang Era" to the "East China Sea Era", Haijing District is currently in a period of promising strategic opportunities and key periods of high-quality development. We sincerely invite joint enterprise groups to invest and inspect in Haijing District. Haijing District will uphold the service awareness and work efficiency of "enterprise first", allowing entrepreneurs to invest, start businesses, and develop with peace of mind, Jointly write a new chapter of development for win-win cooperation.

Hong Fangwang, Director of the Shenzhen Office of Rui'an City, Wenzhou City

Hong Fangwang, Director of the Shenzhen Office of Ruian City, Wenzhou City, stated that as an important economic growth city in Zhejiang Province, Ruian is an important birthplace of the "Wenzhou Model" and a leading region for the private economy in China. Currently, Ruian City is deeply implementing three major actions: "attracting investment, increasing capital and expanding production, and going public on a scale". We welcome enterprises to bring more new, good, and large projects to settle in Ruian, invest in Ruian, and build Ruian. Ruian will pave the way and provide the best services for the landing of projects with the greatest sincerity.

Zhu Yue, Chairman of Sowell Technology

During the signing ceremony, Zhu Yue, Chairman of Sowell Technology, pointed out that after 16 years of independent research and development, Sowell Technology has mastered multiple key core technologies in fields such as machine vision and industrial automation. Among them, image recognition algorithms, video analysis algorithms, multi axis synchronous control, and high-precision motion control technologies have all reached the leading domestic and international levels. So far, they have been recognized by Foxconn, Difeni, Lixun, and Konka More than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises and government agencies, including BYD, provide technical solutions. The cooperation between Sowell Technology and Houghton Holdings Group this time is of profound significance. We hope that both parties can fully leverage their respective technological and resource advantages, carry out comprehensive cooperation in technology research and development, industry application, and other aspects, and form substantive results and achievements around the cooperation content as soon as possible, jointly creating value for society.

Zhou Yue, Chairman and CEO of Haodun Holdings Group

Zhou Yue, Chairman and CEO of Haodun Holdings Group, stated that Haodun Holdings Group is an operator focused on the integration of digital, intelligent, and information-based service platforms in public spaces, with "Pan Continental All Media+Intelligent System Applications" as its core. The cooperation between Haodun Holdings Group and Sowell Technology is an important milestone in the development history of both parties. The two sides will fully leverage their collaborative advantages in technology, services, resources, and other aspects, and work together in the seamless coordination of pan intercontinental urban (urban-rural) public transportation, customized cultural and tourism special line buses, and air ground high-speed rail public transportation industries. They will seize the opportunity to promote innovative business models that are visual, digital, and interactive in value-added public space services, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Signing ceremony

Under the joint witness of all parties, Sowell Technology and Houghton Holdings Group have completed a strategic cooperation contract, and both parties have high expectations for this cooperation. According to the cooperation agreement, Sowell Technology and Houghton Holding Group will work together to build a pan continental strategic cooperation mechanism based on the purpose of "mutual benefit, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and common development", and invest in the construction of a hierarchical quasi production and manufacturing base of high-tech new industry 4.0 complete equipment according to the demand of orders in China's domestic and transnational markets, taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" to develop the east wind, Continuously exploring new markets, achieving a win-win situation of social value and economic benefits, and heading towards a broader and better future!








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