The development and upgrading of electronic police, with more obvious intelligence

The development and upgrading of electronic police, with more obvious intelligence

Electronic police is also a widely used system in traffic management departments. This type of system is different from traditional security video surveillance, mainly using cameras or cameras, trigger controllers, and video recognition systems. When drivers engage in violations such as speeding, running red lights, or driving in the opposite direction, electronic police can capture images of vehicle violations and transmit them to traffic monitoring centers, providing law enforcement evidence for traffic police departments.

In addition, due to the video virtual coil detection function of the electronic police system, the control host can be directly placed in the control center, which allows the front-end camera to be used for both road monitoring and electronic police detection and evidence collection. For some financially constrained projects, an electronic police system can be used to manually switch between multiple intersections for alternate use, which can not only deter violators but also alleviate the financial difficulties.

Due to the rapid development of high-definition and intelligence in the monitoring industry, it has greatly promoted the upgrading of electronic police. The application of high-definition technology has greatly improved the clarity of the collected images. Compared with the original "electronic police" monitoring equipment, these high-definition capture cameras have also achieved 360 degree rotation, and the monitoring content has expanded from running red lights, pressing yellow lines, etc. to dozens of types such as license plate recognition, illegal parking, illegal driving, illegal turning, illegal lane changing, and illegal overtaking. At the same time, dynamic monitoring of the road surface can be achieved by adjusting the focus, and even the driver can see it clearly. The mouse "drags" back and forth on the screen, revealing the surroundings in several directions.

In addition, the electronic police system adopts a combination of intelligent recognition algorithms and software platform data mining technology to ensure the accuracy of license plate recognition (including license plate number and color) and body color recognition. On the premise of ensuring the accuracy of license plate recognition, a large number of vehicle association records (high-definition photos, high-definition videos, passing information, recognition results) are constructed into a database, and mining analysis is carried out through data mining technology on the software platform.

Therefore, there is a huge demand for upgraded electronic police in the market now. With the increasing efforts in road traffic management, it provides a good opportunity for security enterprises to showcase their skills. Security enterprises should accelerate the development of upgraded and upgraded industry high products based on the characteristics of the market in a timely manner, and transform urban transportation construction into a hypermarket for technical defense products.








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