The signing ceremony for the launch of the joint enterprise group and Sowell Technology IPO was successfully held

The signing ceremony for the launch of the joint enterprise group and Sowell Technology IPO was successfully held

On November 4th, the signing ceremony for the listing of Hainan United Enterprise Management Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "United Enterprise Group") and Sowell Technology was grandly held at the Bay Area headquarters of United Enterprise Group.

This signing is an important step for Solwell Technology to enter the capital market, marking a new stage in the joint enterprise group and Solwell Technology's IPO work. The capitalization process of Solwell Technology has started from a high starting point and is accelerating.

Jia Dengyao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Enterprise Group, and Zhu Yue, CEO of Sowell Technology, attended the event and delivered speeches. Zhu Feng, President of the United Enterprise Group, Yao Bo, President of the Listing Center of the United Enterprise Group, Xiao Wanlong, President of Sowell Technology Strategy, Zhu Junming, Global Coordinator of COVID-19 Limited, Liu Zhongxiang, Partner Lawyer of Zhuojian Law Firm, Xiao Zhengyu, Securities Representative Lawyer of Weiheng Law Firm, and He Jie, CEO of Zhongjie Overseas Law Firm also attended and delivered speeches Liu Na, Vice President of Beijing Huqian Asset Management Co., Ltd., and relevant responsible persons from all parties attended the signing ceremony. Shi Longyang, Vice President of CITIC Securities, Ma Jincheng, President of Zhuopu Investment, Chen Jingyi, Deputy Director of the Guangdong Office of the China Support for Military and Family Welfare Foundation, and Xu Min, Investment Partner of Great Health Capital, witnessed the signing ceremony on site.

(Speech by Mr. Jia Dengyao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Enterprise Group)

During his speech at the ceremony, Jia Dengyao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Enterprise Group, pointed out that with mutual agreement, everything can be achieved. The development strategy and values of Sowell Technology and the United Enterprise Group are highly compatible, which has led to the formation of a close community of shared destiny and development between the two sides. The potential for cooperation between the two sides is limitless and the prospects are promising. Innovative development, capital empowerment, and the confidence of joint enterprise groups to fully leverage the incubation and leverage role of industrial capital through top-level design such as core industry planning and capital strategy formulation. With capital as the link, resources as the driving force, and brand as the guidance, Sowell Technology has been given wings to take off, stimulating the value potential of Sowell Technology's innovative development, and empowering Sowell Technology to complete a comprehensive transformation from technology to industry and then to the market, Realize a major leap in the capital market.

Chairman Jia Dengyao stated that with a thousand rivers in his eyes and a million soldiers in his chest, he looks forward to the future on a grand blueprint. The time has come for Sowell Technology to innovate, capitalize, and globalize, and its momentum is established. Its prosperity can be waited for. Standing at a new starting point and on a new journey, we will work together with enterprise groups to promote Sowell Technology to create a better future, and to work together with national development and resonate with the global market, helping Sowell Technology become the Sowell of China, the Sowell of the nation, and the Sowell of the world!

Our company's promotional video was broadcasted on site, showcasing the remarkable achievements of Sowell Technology in its rapid development. Machine vision is a super blue ocean race track in China's strategic new industry segmentation field. As a Shenzhen Double Soft and national high-tech enterprise focused on software research and development and system integration, Sowell Technology has been deeply rooted in the field of machine vision for many years. Through independent innovation and open cooperation, it has explored a high-quality development path. In the future, it will work together with enterprise groups to embark on the path of capitalization and globalization, Striving towards the goal of becoming a benchmark in the manufacturing machine vision industry.

(Speech by Zhu Yue, CEO of Sowell Technology)

Sowell Technology CEO Zhu Yue thanks Chairman Jia Dengyao and the joint enterprise group for their confidence and recognition of Sowell Technology's sustainable development and intrinsic value. It is stated that after sufficient communication and deepening mutual trust in the early stage, both parties have established confidence in win-win cooperation. The road is obstructed and long, and the road is approaching. Sowell Technology has been actively seeking to enter the capital market, in order to obtain more social resources and support to promote the rapid development of the enterprise. The strong alliance with the United Enterprise Group this time is an important opportunity for Solwell Technology to achieve leapfrog development in the future. While deeply cultivating its main business, Solwell Technology will fully promote the collaboration and listing cooperation with the United Enterprise Group. We firmly believe that with the comprehensive empowerment of Chairman Jia Dengyao, the United Enterprise Group, listing cooperation institutions, and all sectors of society, Sowell Technology is bound to achieve the dual drive development goals of industrial development and capital operation, and forge a development path of branding, capitalization, and globalization.

(Securities representative sends congratulatory video)

On the eve of the event, multiple congratulatory letters and videos from securities representatives and various sectors of society came one after another, expressing warm congratulations and deep wishes for the successful signing ceremony of the listing cooperation between the United Enterprise Group and Sowell Technology. Some congratulatory videos from securities representatives were played on site.

(Signing Ceremony)

Two listing cooperation agreements were signed at the ceremony. Among them, the United Enterprise Group and Sowell Technology signed a listing cooperation agreement, announcing the official launch of the listing work by both parties; United Enterprise Group and Sowell Technology have signed institutional cooperation agreements with Crown Limited, Zhuojian Law Firm, Zhongjie Overseas Law Firm, and Beijing Huqian respectively. All parties will cooperate comprehensively in overall layout, market coordination, capital operation, and planning the listing process, and work together to achieve the listing goals of United Enterprise Group and Sowell Technology as soon as possible.

Jia Dengyao (9th from left), Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Enterprise Group, Zhu Yue (10th from left), CEO of Sowell Technology, Xiao Zhengyu (1st from left), Representative Lawyer for Securities at Weiheng Law Firm, He Jie (2nd from left), CEO of Zhongjie Overseas Law Firm, and Liu Zhongxiang (3rd from left), Partner Lawyer at Guangdong Zhuojian Law Firm

In the same boat we set sail together, embarking on a long voyage through winds and waves. The signing of this listing cooperation agreement is a milestone for the United Enterprise Group and Sowell Technology, and also opens up a broad path for the high-quality development of both parties. The journey lies in the vast sea of stars, surging in the magnificent mountains and rivers. A beautiful picture depicting open cooperation and mutual benefit is slowly unfolding, and extraordinary achievements in industry serving the country and revitalizing the country are constantly inspiring.

Looking forward to the future, Sowell Technology will continue to innovate, strengthen cooperation, hold high the banner of "joining the four seas, cooperation and win-win", step up to a new level on the road of development, break out Xintiandi on the road of win-win, and go forward together through trials and hardships!








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