Zhang Xinshun, Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Mayor of Shanwei City, Visits United Enterprise Group

Zhang Xinshun, Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Mayor of Shanwei City, Visits United Enterprise Group

On August 25th, Yao Bo, President of the Joint Enterprise Group Listing Center, and Zhu Yue, Chairman of Sowell Technology, met with Zhang Xinshun, Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Mayor of Shanwei City, in Shenzhen. The two sides held friendly talks on cooperation matters related to Sowell Technology and related industrial projects, and reached a series of mutual understanding.

Vice District Mayor Zhang Xinshun briefly introduced the economic and social development situation of Shanwei City and sincerely invited the group to visit and coordinate with Shanwei City. He stated that currently, the whole city of Shanwei is deeply studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, actively seizing major historical opportunities such as deep integration into the construction of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, vigorously cultivating advantageous industries, and collaborating with various business sectors of enterprise groups with obvious characteristics and extensive industrial layout, which is highly in line with the development plan of Shanwei. The cooperation between the two sides is timely and has great potential. We hope that this cooperation and exchange will serve as an opportunity for both parties to strengthen project docking, deepen industrial cooperation, leverage their respective advantages, and actively promote the formation of a win-win solution for Solwell Technology project cooperation. At the same time, we will seek more cooperation opportunities in business areas such as electronic information, comprehensive energy, industrial operation, and big health. Shanwei City will provide high-quality services for the development of the joint enterprise group in the local area.

Zhang Xinshun, Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Mayor of Shanwei City

Chairman Zhu Yue stated that after 16 years of independent research and development, Sowell Technology has mastered multiple key core technologies in fields such as machine vision and industrial automation. Among them, image recognition algorithms, video analysis algorithms, multi axis synchronous control, and high-precision motion control technologies have all reached domestic and international advanced levels. The nine axis linkage spray painting robot with "machine vision algorithms+multi axis linkage collaborative technology" as the core has filled the technical gap in this product field in China. In the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, Sowell Technology will rely on the support of the industrial capital ecosystem of the joint enterprise group, cooperate with the development positioning and industrial planning of Shanwei City, help Shanwei City improve the emerging industry map system, and add brightness to the catching up development of the intelligent manufacturing industry in Shanwei City.

Zhu Yue, Chairman of Sowell Technology

President Yao Bo, on behalf of the group, welcomed Vice District Mayor Zhang Xinshun and his delegation to exchange and cooperate, introducing the group's development history, industrial layout, business performance, and other information. She pointed out that Shanwei City is a land worth deep cultivation, with abundant natural resources, a collection of various resource elements, a good industrial development and investment environment, and great development space and potential. Next, the group will strengthen strategic communication and deepen practical cooperation with Shanwei City, promote the docking of project demands and research on project cooperation plans for Sowell Technology and related industries, and leverage its unique advantages of industrial capital leadership and diversified industrial layout to inject new momentum of industry finance integration into the development of Shanwei City in core industry cultivation, distinctive brand building, and doubling of enterprise listing, Contribute to the high-quality economic and social development of Shanwei City through joint efforts.

Government and enterprises work together for development, working hand in hand towards the future. Both sides have expressed their intention to further deepen cooperation and exchange, clarify cooperation plans, enhance cooperation levels, expand cooperation space, and promote relevant industrial cooperation projects, including Sowell Technology, to take root and bear fruit in Shanwei City. Government and enterprises will work together, seize opportunities, and seize the opportunity to work together to write a "high score answer sheet" for the high-quality development of the revolutionary old area in Shanwei City.

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