Solwell Technology has been awarded the "A-level Supplier" award for three consecutive years

Solwell Technology has been awarded the "A-level Supplier" award for three consecutive years

Sowell Technology has been awarded the title of "A-level supplier" by China International Shipping Corporation for three consecutive years. This indicates that our company's intelligent gate system and container number recognition system product technology provided to partner enterprises can meet the needs of partner enterprises in terms of price, quality, delivery time, and convenient service, and occupies a leading position among smart trading port suppliers.


Sowell Technology has decades of expertise in image processing and video analysis research, with multiple intellectual property rights, patents, and testing reports. It also has a complete product line for electronic communication systems, intelligent transportation, and various personalized solutions.

What can we do for you? We can provide integrated software and hardware services such as container number recognition system, electronic checkpoint system, and license plate recognition system for customs gates, export processing zone gates, port terminals, yard gates, logistics park gates, and other places. To achieve the goal of saving manpower, improving customs clearance efficiency, utilizing coordinated arrangements, strengthening logistics management, and achieving unmanned intelligent customs clearance.

The evaluation of Solwell Technology as an "A-level supplier" not only highly recognizes the delivered projects, but also represents greater cooperation prospects for Solwell Technology in electronic customs projects in the future. We have provided product technology services to tens of thousands of enterprises and government agencies, and our technical strength and product services have been recognized by many enterprises. Our company will live up to expectations and continue to strive to provide users with high-quality products and excellent services!









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